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Welcome to the Colonies Wiki Community which is made for (and by) our players. It is powered by MediaWiki (which powers Wikipedia). The goal of this Wiki is to help players and those interested in playing to learn more about Colonies.

Basic Guidance

All pages in this section have been written by contributors and are occasionally reviewed for accuracy. The manual is intentionally incomplete in some details and does not reveal everything, simply because it makes for a more interesting game to discover some stuff on your own.

For the impatient, what you really should know to play the game
The Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers)
OOC Instructions 
A list of instructions to do various OOC things such as joining forum or using bugtracker
Rules and Policies 
Rules and policies
Enforcers of Social Contract and leaders of Special Events
Guidelines and other information about the roleplaying aspect of Colonies

Game Worlds

North America 
First Colonies World
2nd Colonies World with a nod to The World of Secfenia